Fast XP Farm for Black Ops 4 Zombies!

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All Credit for this Strategy Goes to ToProForuGames

His Video on the Fast XP Strategy (Top 5 FASTEST Leveling Up Strategies in Black Ops 4 Zombies):

This strategy is mainly focused towards players looking to level up quickly in Black Ops 4 Zombies. This isn’t to confuse players with Weapon XP! This strategy does not feature Weapon XP leveling! This strategy is extraordinarily good for leveling your account super quickly. With that being said I used this strategy for one hour and got 446.453 XP. (Note: It took me around 20-30 minutes of preparation before starting the strategy!) So overall I obtained 446,453XP through an hour and 30 minutes of gametime! (Note: I purposefully ended my game after an hour of testing this strategy. I could have easily gone on for longer to gain more XP than shown here!)


Difficulties play a role with the amount of XP you will earn per hour. Treyarch now made it so there is an XP difference between playing on Casual, Normal, Hardcore, and Realistic which does affect the hourly XP rates. Another important factor is the amount of players in the game affects the amount of XP you gain.  Now lets take a look at whats the best XP rate!

The charts below shows the XP rates between all difficulties and player count.


XP Rate 100%

XP Type 1 Player(s) 2 Player(s) 3 Player(s) 4 Player(s)
Body Kills 31 XP 37 XP 40 XP 47 XP
Headshot Kills 47 XP 56 XP 60 XP 71 XP
Knife Kills 63 XP 75 XP 80 XP 95 XP
Equipment Kills 31 XP 37 XP 40 XP 47 XP

As of right now Casual and Normal offer the same XP rate of 100%. Casual is great for this XP farm if players are both new to the game, and strategy! In Casual zombies die quicker, and players have more health. The only reason for players to use this strategy in Normal rather than Casual is to help the player ease into a harder difficulty.


XP Rate 125%

XP Type 1 Player(s) 2 Player(s) 3 Player(s) 4 Player(s)
Body Kills 39 XP 46 XP 50 XP 59 XP
Headshot Kills 59 XP 70 XP 75 XP 89 XP
Knife Kills 78 XP 93 XP 100 XP 118 XP
Equipment Kills 39 XP 46 XP 50 XP 59 XP

Hardcore is rather difficult for this strategy as it was the difficulty I tested the strategy on. It is going to be hands down the best difficulty to use for this strategy if you are a good player at zombies. The 150 Health can make it hard for new players to get out of rather sticky situations when they occur. So I highly recommend playing Casual unless you aren’t a good zombies player! If you are a good player at zombies then I highly recommend playing Hardcore for this strategy as it will reward the best XP earn rates.


XP Rate 150%

XP Type 1 Player(s) 2 Player(s) 3 Player(s) 4 Player(s)
Body Kills 47 XP 56 XP 60 XP 71 XP
Headshot Kills 70 XP 84 XP 90 XP 106 XP
Knife Kills 94 XP 112 XP 120 XP 142 XP
Equipment Kills 47 XP 56 XP 60 XP 71 XP

It may sound rather tempting to play on Realistic for the best XP earn rate. However, Realistic is brutally difficult. One hit and you’re dead! There is far too many ways to die in this strategy than just getting hit by zombies. In this strategy you will suffer a lot of splash damage from explosions and it can end up one-shotting the player. It is not viable at all to play on Realistic for this strategy.

The Strategy:

This strategy in reality is very simple to perform. For starters you are going to want to prepare a solo match of Classified on your chosen difficulty. Then proceed to add three Bots into your lobby to make it a 4 Player game.

Once you have set-up the lobby now you can create your custom class. (Note: To have the exact same loadout as me you need to be level 34!) It isn’t essential to have Wraith Fire, Strife, Arsenal Accelerator, Temporal Gift, or Bandolier Bandit. What is essential is as follows: Overkill, Stone Cold Stronghold, Dying Wish, Timeslip Modifier.  The set-up below is what I used for this strategy and it worked just as well!

I will go on to say that Stone Cold Stronghold is super useful for this strategy as you will take an excessive amount of splash damage. This will keep you topped off! Quick Revive is an excellent alternative to Bandolier Bandit. I did not run into any scenarios where I ran out of ammo. This could be down to luck. However, if you plan on doing this strategy on Hardcore I actually recommend using Quick Revive over Bandolier Bandit. Hardcore you need to stay as healthy as possible and Quick Revive regenerates your health quickly!

The following set-up is the class I recommend for Casual players as it makes sure that you always have Ammo in case you are in a sticky situation.

Again as I mentioned before the equipment, starting weapon, and elixirs are not a make or break for this strategy! It is only what I recommend.

Now that you have set up everything to your liking it’s time to dive into the strategy itself!

First things first you are going to want to go through the rounds to obtain points. It is ok for you to go to a decently high round whilst preparing for this strategy as it is better to be fully prepared rather than not prepared at all.

All the essentials that you need for this strategy are Fully Pack-a-Punched M1987 Trebuchet (16,400 Points Required). Winter’s Howl Pack-a-Punched (Can be obtained from the mystery box or the Project Skadi mini-quest.) And of course all the perks of your choosing! Once you have obtained all of the essentials you can now make your way to the XP farm location which is located in the lower War Room elevator.

Once you are here you must have all 3 bots in this elevator alongside with you! They will be shooting the zombies in the window behind you keeping you safe for the most part. Be mindful that the bots react to power-ups and will try to pick them up. This causes the bots to walk in front of your shots constantly and will cause splash damage to you. This is where Stone Cold Stronghold comes in handy. (Note: If you are struggling to get the bots into this elevator in the first place you can manipulate their pathing. Whenever you enter either the upstairs or downstairs elevators the bots are programmed to follow you into the elevator. If your bots are scattered upstairs and downstairs. Try to bring them up using the elevator pathing until they are all in the War Room. Once they are all in the War Room you can enter the elevator and the bots will stay inside the elevator with you.)

Now from this point forward you are just unloading your Pack-a-Punched M1987 into the hallway. This steals all the kills from the bots and grants you all the XP. Whenever you seem to be getting overrun you can use the Winter’s Fury to clear the hallway then switch back to the M1987. If you run out of Ammo mid-round with your M1987 don’t be afraid to use Winter’s Fury ammo in order to clear a path to buy more ammo off the wall! The Overkill is also very useful for insta-killing zombies for a portion of a round. Using the special grenade with the overkill will clear house. However, be careful of the bots as they will try to claim your life by walking in front of your Overkill grenades. The Tactical Nuke ability should only be used if your shield breaks mid round or you need to get out of a sticky situation. Otherwise you will be losing out on XP. Always try to use the Tactical Nuke ability at the END of your Overkill! Get as much use of it in as possible!

Here is a video of how the strategy plays out in game.

(INSERT VIDEO HERE I plan on showcasing in the video when the strategy goes well, when i’m in danger, or how to approach losing your perks mid round.)

This is everything you need to know to get the fastest XP rates known in Black Ops 4 Zombies! I hope this Strategy Guide has helped you gain some knowledge about the game, and help you level up to max level!

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